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Training for summer – Are you doing it all wrong and what is the best approach?

Training for summer – Are you doing it all wrong and what is the best approach?

Things are heating up in Dubai and with summer just around the corner people are planning holidays, weddings and fun times abroad.

All around the world people set their goals and work towards their “beach body???. Creating an influx of gym membership sales, personal trainer’s fees and body transformation programs.

Kudos to those that are setting their targets and having a swing… BUT the notion that training, health and improvement should be seasonal isn’t something that we teach or encourage at Best Body Co.

There is nothing wrong with setting a specific target and date to reach a goal. However, what is the plan when you reach that set point or “beach body???? – See article on fitness and health goals here.

All that hard work to look good laying by the pool can easily be undone by not having a long-term approach. It should not be a push each season to get back into shape or a health routine, rather than a continual elevation of improvement.

Turning the taps on and off is the worst way to approach your health and fitness! See another related article here.

Think of your health and fitness like compounding interest. Over the days, weeks, months, years and decades, the better and more consistent you invest, it will yield greater returns 💰💰💰

People often ask us what is the best pre-workout?!! And we always say, it’s what you did yesterday! Adam Mccubbin dips

Taking a pre-workout supplement when you’re tired or haven’t been consistent is like taking a butter knife to a sword fight! 😃😂

Our famous and successful #6in4challenge only runs for 4 weeks… If we had it our way, it would be a 5 to 10-year program… but it’s a little harder to market and sell that program! 😉 – See related article on this topic here.

In our challenge we teach and empower our members it is only the beginning of their journey and not to let the reigns go after the 4 weeks.

We want our #fitfam to be successful long after they stop training with us. Our mission is to start that ball rolling and propel a better healthier life!

The best time to start your training or health program was yesterday… (or today if you didn’t start them)!

If you have been sitting on the fence with your health and fitness, NOW is the time to take a swing, learn a sustainable healthy lifestyle and to enjoy the process!

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