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Why more training isn’t always the answer

Why more training isn’t always the answer

Is more of the same going to give you something different?

We find people are looking for this magical answer to achieve optimal health and fitness. Some sort of silver bullet that is going to shortcut them to washboard abs and the body of their dreams…

But I think we all have come to realise that in pursuit of anything like this, there is a requirement of WORK, to get you from point A to point B.

If we sit on our butts watching CrossFit documentaries on Netflix, whilst eating popcorn and drinking soda, the chance we’ll wake up looking like those professional CrossFit athletes is ZERO. All the positive thinking in the world won’t stop you from looking like a potato if you don’t start moving and eating right!

With that being said, then our logical thinking would lead us to believe that if we want to move in the opposite direction (towards our fitness and health goals), then we “should be” training more, eating better and pushing our physical activities.

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More would be better? That’s the conventional thinking….

If we trained for 7 hours last week, then we should aim for 9 or 10 the next week, right? If we lifted 10kg for 100 reps, then we should lift 15kg for 150 reps next time?

Unfortunately, there is a law of diminishing returns when it comes to training and your body’s ability to recover. When a beginner first hits the gym or starts training, there are tremendous adaptations (i.e. gains) and changes that happen within the first 6 to 12 months.

However, inevitably there will be a point where results start to slow down… With misguided training and the thought of more is better.” People just keep training to increase intensity, frequency and duration to avail nothing but tiredness, sickness and injury. 

We’re only as good as our recovery. If you can’t recover from the training (which is in essence, stress) then you’re going to be moving in the wrong direction!

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Don’t get sold the dream without understanding the reality first.

When you improve, so must your training, nutrition and recovery (sleep). Doing more of the same will produce the same!

At Best Body Co. we don’t flog that dead horse! We teach proper programming methods and principles that ensure improvement without wearing you out! (Unlike some other gyms and group exercise classes that promote “smash and bash” workouts where you feel like you just died after the session!)

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