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A real roadblock in the way of results

A real roadblock in the way of results

When it comes to people’s’ health and results, often priorities are skewed in all the wrong directions…

Each month we run advertising campaigns to gain exposure to new faces and to help encourage more people to get educated in the right way with our programs.

Each campaign and cycle that we run, we have more and more interest with people applying. And we take the time to speak with all applicants on the phone to see if they’re a right fit for the program.

With wide ranging conversations, we have heard a lot and often shake our head with some of the misdirected focus and questions of importance…

Only just yesterday we had someone apply for our 6in4 Challenge, leading with the important question of “what amenities do you offer with your program?” They wanted to know if we had cool, scented towels, the latest technology treadmills and free water.

*face palm*

When investing if your health, these should be the lowest of the low in the priority spectrum. All these luxury items are “nice” and make people comfortable (and in a few of our locations offer these) but are not important in creating lasting change.

Adam McCubbin results

…and we would almost say that they can actually sometimes detract from your overall focus and results. Being worried or focused on these creature comforts is distracting from actually doing the WORK!

When it comes to doing “the work”, being uncomfortable is critical for growth and results. Not being in comfort…

A luxury, sparkly 10kg set of high-end, expensive dumbbells, still weighs the same as a cheap set of 10kg dumbbells… we still require you to actually lift them!

There is no escaping discomfort and doing the work!

See a very similar post on why “hope” isn’t a good strategy for fitness and health.

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