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Is your personal trainer getting you results?

Is your personal trainer getting you results?

If you have walked into a gym in Dubai or spent any time on Instagram there is no shortage of personal trainers looking to “help” you.

As to what type of “help” they’re offering is not always clear.

When picking a personal trainer it can be hard to know if they are going to deliver on what you’re after, without trialing or getting a reliable reference or recommendation from someone who is getting the types of results you’re searching for.

Just because they’re in great shape, charge a high price or have a large number of followers on social media, doesn’t mean that you are going to get the results you’re after.

The notion of paying more when it comes to personal training and expecting a better return on investment can be a trap! 😳🤯

I have seen people paying upwards of 500 dhs per hour, 5 times per week, that are getting little to no value out of their training sessions and going backwards rather than improving…

Selling a premium service when it comes to training or health can disable the client from doing the actual work and focusing on extraneous features…

Scented towels, shower gels, massages and someone spoon-feeding you chicken breast creates comfort and reliance on the unnecessary!

A good personal trainer needs to lead, teach and empower their client to walk their own path and do the work for themselves so they aren’t always reliant on their coach to get results.

Here are three common pitfalls when it comes to personal training:

1. The friend zone and counselling: There can be a very personal relationship that develops between the client and the trainer.

Over time the relationship can develop into a friendship and someone who you confide everything in.

There is nothing wrong with letting down your guard but remember they’re a trainer, not a psychologist and aren’t qualified to give you psychological help, even if they have completed a Tony Robbins course.

Paying for a friendship and chatting about unrelated topics about what you did on the weekend whilst doing exercise isn’t going to move the needle. Make sure you’re getting what you signed up for and don’t rent a friend 😬

2. Are they focused on you? I have lost count of how many times I have walked into a gym in Dubai and watched a personal trainer use their phone or talk to other gym members whilst training their client.

If this is the case, then fire the trainer. They need to be focused on you and your targets…

And the shoe can go on the other foot with personal trainers being turned into videographers, filming you for your IG stories 🙄

A good coach will tell you to put the phone away…

3. Is there structure and are they measuring? There needs to be regular assessments on the areas you’re aiming to improve. Assessing movement, bio markers, body fat, circumference measures etc.

“What gets measured gets managed.”

personal trainer

Track markers and methods to see what is working or not working. This must change your approach and will ensure results.

If a trainer wants to start training you without assessing anything then run for the hills…

When it comes to the training, there also needs to be a structure or methodology being followed.

If your trainer is randomly throwing new exercises or programs at you each training session without measured improvements you’re just spinning your wheels.

Periodised programming and the recording of performance, reps/sets/weights is a must!

Don’t pat yourself on the back for signing up with Personal Trainer without doing your homework!

On that note, personal training isn’t for everyone and can often be too expensive for many to be able to afford… that’s why at Best Body Co., we started our program to make fitness, health and nutrition more affordable and accessible so we can help more people get RESULTS and get their best bodies 🤗

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