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Top 4 nutritional recommendations for best results

Top 4 nutritional recommendations for best results

When it comes to serious results there is no way around nutrition and meeting your physiological requirements. Much like any high performance car, if you put bad fuel in, then performance will suffer. 

At Best Body Co., our clients have achieved amazing results on our famous 6in4Challenge program and we’ve been featured all over the news including TimeOut Dubai, Gulf News, the National Newspaper, Khaleej Times, Cosmo, Men’s and Women’s Health and heaps more!

MyProtein is a brand that we’ve used for many years and trusted to recommend to our clients to help them on their fitness journey to assist them in getting amazing results. Have a look at some of our transformations!

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Even if you’re not based in the UAE, here are our top recommendations for MyProtein supplements that we recommend to our clients that we think could help you too!

  1.  TheWhey Protein or Vegan Blend Protein

To ensure that our clients are meeting their nutritional requirements of protein we suggest that they use a protein supplement. If they have a dairy sensitivity or strictly follow a plant-based diet, we often find that they’re not meeting their minimum protein requirements, especially when they’re strength training on a regular basis.

Our members really enjoy having their MyProtein post-workout protein shake as it’s a good break from eating other protein sources such as different meats; in particular, having a protein shake is a great way to combat any sweet or sugar cravings as MyProtein comes in many delicious flavours! We love TheWhey Salted Caramel, Impact Whey Protein Cinnamon Danish and Vegan Blend Chocolate

Our perfect post-workout protein shake blend consists of 1 scoop of your favourite MyProtein protein powder, approx. 200ml of water, handful of ice, some frozen berries or banana and flaxseed powder or chia seeds for extra fibre. Plus, the MyProtein protein powders taste delicious and have a great nutrition profile (unlike many other brands). We always look forward to having a post-workout shake from MyProtien at Best Body Co. HQ!

  1.  Impact EAAS – Essential Amino Acids

These are especially recommended for our plant-based clients that aren’t getting in their adequate 9 essential amino acids from external sources i.e. food. These can help with recovery from training, boosting workout performance, prevention of muscle loss and may also improve mood and concentration. It’s even beneficial for you if you aren’t vegan and eat meat, especially if you train in a fasted state (without food) as it can help you maintain and grow muscle. It’s also really refreshing and tasty plus has zero calories!

  1. Magnesium citrate

There are a few misinformed people out there that don’t think magnesium citrate is as beneficial as other chelates. However, magnesium citrate is a great buffer and can stop acid production in the liver like other forms of citra like citrus fruits. Plus, it is also beneficial for the krebs cycle (also known as the citric acid cycle) and is a powerful anticoagulant which can reduce cardiovascular risks. 

Mainly the benefits of magnesium are help with sleep, recovery, blood sugar regulation and can aid in bowel movements – to keep you regular! Which is really important if you’re trying to manage your weight!

  1.  Omega 3 Plus 

For our members that might not have had the best diet before working out with us, we find that increasing their omega 3 intake and balancing their omega 6s really helps to get inflammation down quickly. Fish oils have been shown to improve cardiovascular health markers like cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

These are our top 4 supplements we recommend to our 6in4 Challenge members to help them get amazing results. 

Remember, there are no shortcuts when it comes to nutrition and health. Treat your body with respect and invest in high quality food, supplements, training and recovery methods.

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