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It’s time for plan B

It’s time for plan B

Six months ago, none of us would have thought we would be in this predicament.

Everything has been changed in our lives. Social isolation, working from home, restricted travel and much more.

What we once took for granted has been quickly taken from us in the blink of an eye.

All of these restrictions are for our own benefit and others’ health and safety, even though they make us uncomfortable and agitated.

It’s easy to get swept up and focus on what these constraints have done to us on an individual and global level.

Business have shut (some temporarily, some permanently) with no certainty on when they can resume trade again.

And even worse still, there are people that are sick and dying.

This can take its toll on everyone when consuming the latest news and worrying about what is around the corner.

Now is the time for plan B and we should now look at opportunities in the set of constraints we have all been given.

Being passive and reactive, as a game plan isn’t going to help yourself and more importantly, can affect others with perpetuating negativity.

Take a step in the direction of what can help support others and contribute.

There is always something that can be done. A phone call, a message, words of encouragement.

Just because you’re forced to stay indoors, doesn’t mean you can’t reach out or start to pivot from what you used to do.

Maybe you have wanted to write a blog, start an online business or learn a language.

Use this time to explore those things and to spend more time with your family and friends (virtually! 😅😉)

With fast paced lifestyles, often the biggest excuse we get for not being able to start a health and fitness regimen is “lack of time.”

These current restrictions have given most of us more time. We don’t have to travel back and forth from work everyday, so we SAVE time here. No queuing up in the line at Starbucks for our daily caffeine fix; and even our beloved sports teams aren’t playing, that we can’t spectate on anymore.

All this adds up over days, weeks and months.

What are you going to do with you extra time?

If we don’t actively select the plan B, then the choices get made for us.

Drinking more alcohol, bingeing on Netflix series, eating junk foods can fill in the time and the void that some of you might be feeling right now.

But at the end of this (let’s hope and pray for the ending soon, inshallah!), will you wish you watched that extra Netflix series or ate that entire tub of ice cream?

Accept the situation that we’re in and ask yourself the question, “what would your future self wished you would have done with this time…?”

Alas, there is your Plan B.

At Best Body Co. we’re here to help and offer solutions to your health and fitness.

Even in these hard times we’re trying to pivot, adapt and innovate to better serve YOU, our incredible, inspiring and STRONG #BBCOCommunity 

We have created a FREE At-Home 10-day Workout Program that has been a huge success with hundreds of people joining and staying active, participating daily.

If you would like to join and receive these free workouts download the free workout plan here.

Plus, we have posted all of these in video form on our Instagram page here or check out the YouTube clips below. So you can see what the exercises are like and how they should be done.

Plan B

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