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Healthy habits over motivation for quarantine

Healthy habits over motivation for quarantine

With no perceivable end in sight with quarantine and staying at home, it’s critical that we maintain healthy daily habits. 

Looking on social media, the home gym equipment market is booming and online workouts are prolific.

Everyone snapping up bikes, yoga matts and intentions are at an all-time high for utilising these products and services.

As the days and weeks go by, motivation can tend to drop 😣

Finding excuses becomes a little easier and those unhealthy habits start to get in the way.

Staying up late watching TV, snacking on salty, sugary snacks throughout the day and finding unproductive ways to fill in your time 🍕🍟🍔🍫🍬🍩

Before you know it, there is a thick layer of dust on that exercise equipment and you’ve binge watched ALL of the TV series online.

Little habits over a period of time can accumulate in either direction.

The key is to be self-aware and have a set of daily habits that can keep you on track.

Don’t rely on that “week 1” quarantine motivation to see you through.

Motivation is an emotive state that can fluctuate depending on outward conditions. It can be good to get the ball rolling initially but don’t think it will last forever.

Setting yourself daily habits that don’t require conscious thinking or a selective choice.

Getting out of bed, brushing your teeth and drinking a glass of water are a primitive example of a basic set of daily habits.

When you get out of bed you don’t have to even think. It’s automatic.

Set yourself some basic daily habits and commit yourself to practices that you’ll be grateful for when this is all over.  

If you need help and that extra push in the right direction, we’ve got the next week of #BBCOAtHome Live Virtual Zoom workouts starting again on Sunday 19th April.

For just AED 150 + 5% VAT you’ll get 1 week of unlimited classes – see timetable below from 19-25 April.

If you are interested, register here or comment below.

We really appreciate your support during this tough time and we want to help as many people as possible stay on track with their health and fitness goals!


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