Are you actually getting better? Why your numbers don't tell the full story. -

Are you actually getting better? Why your numbers don’t tell the full story.

Are you actually getting better? Why your numbers don’t tell the full story.

There are no “ifs” or “buts” when it comes to health and fitness… people are looking for results… and fast!

People often pay money to professional coaches to fast-track their results and to help give them a short-cut to achieving their goals with the least resistance – removing any trial, error and guesswork.

To see changes, measuring and quantifying is an absolute MUST.

Seeing what is working and what isn’t, will help you adjust your approach and pinpoint what works for the individual.

But with training, there are nuances and skills that are harder to measure.

If we just look at numbers on a spreadsheet, we don’t always see the whole picture.

Things like movement quality and improving on individual skills required within a training plan are harder to quantify.

Two people can lift the same weight for the same reps on exactly the same exercise but they can be anything but the same when it comes to execution.

One of them could have the motor control and wobbles of a newborn giraffe, whilst the other person could be controlled and precise with each repetition!

The outcomes for each of them can be completely different, despite what the spreadsheet might say.

To take the most simplistic view of training: “the bar goes up and the bar goes down!”

It’s what happens in between that bar going up and down that makes all the difference.

Technique and skills takes time, effort and the right coaching and information.

Don’t just rely on the mirror or selfie camera! Seek external feedback on what needs to improve – by getting the opinion and advice from a professional!

Just because someone has been training for a long period, doesn’t mean that they are doing it well. They might have been doing it poorly for a long time.

The same can be said for trainers and coaches. Longer time in the industry, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re competent. And just because they look good, doesn’t mean they ARE good.

Skills and improvement come with education, application and experience.

Don’t short-change yourself with training and health. There is ALWAYS something you can improve.

Take the ego out of it and get better.

When you join one of our programs at Best Body Co., you’ll learn quickly that lifting heavier, doesn’t mean you’ll get faster results. And also that our coaches will frequently tell you to reduce your weights if you have not EARNED the right to lift them with good form. 

Results are our #1 priority, coupled with teaching our members life-long, sustainable healthy habits and training in a safe and effective manner.

So don’t be offended if we ever tell you to drop your weights 😉 We want you to look good, be healthy (not have a crippled back in your early age) and lift safely for LONGEVITY.

Getting better 

getting better

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