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How long does it take to burn off a Snickers bar…

How long does it take to burn off a Snickers bar…

All too often we can get caught up on focusing on the smaller, insignificant aspects of health and fitness.

Just because you’re working out hard and frequently, won’t ensure you will get the results you’re after.

If you’re looking at dropping weight or body fat, your training is only one piece of the puzzle…

A very important piece nonetheless, but it’s not going to move the needle alone.

The popular phrase “You can’t out train a bad diet, rings true and if we were to add to this, another phrase you should keep top of mind is “you can’t get better if you don’t recover.”

All the training in the world will add up to NOTHING if you can’t recover and adapt to it.

The notion of training to eat what you want or training to undo a diet blow out can be one of the unhealthiest mindsets in health and fitness.

“I ate this Snickers bar, so I’m going to the gym now to work it off” can develop into a devastating emotional eating habit.

May we remind you how long and painful it is to burn off 10 calories on an assault bike? Well, that’s basically you burning off 5% of a regular size Snickers bar! 😳

Your body isn’t privy to your bartering arrangement with food and exercise.

Eating highly calorie dense, inflammatory foods can be a form of stress on your body that can affect sleep and recovery… Then you hit the gym for an extra hard session (more stress) looking to burn those calories off… it doesn’t make sense!

Look at the big picture of health for optimal results.

Yes you could lose weight eating 1200 calories of chocolate brownies per day (if that’s all you ate) and doing 2 spin classes per day. Would it be optimal? Probably not…

Sustainability and a longer term approach isn’t sexy but results and habits accumulate over time.

A short-term mindset and approach might get you to a point, but unless you drop dead, there is always going to be tomorrow.

Move the big rocks, focus on health and play the long game.

The reason why we wanted to share this message is because we’ve had so many people get in touch with us over the last few days seeking advice after being able to lose the first 5-6kg through exercise alone…

But suddenly they’ve hit a plateau and have stopped losing weight or getting results.

This is where the importance of good diet and nutrition comes into play. Combined with the need for recovery through sleep, mindfulness and taking basic supplements like zinc and magnesium.

(If you haven’t started taking these and you want to give them a try, checkout MyProtein where we have up to 45% off using the code ‘MYBESTBODY‘ this August.)

This is why we launched our famous #6in4Challenge program to lose 6kg in 4 weeks, to help clients with the nutrition aspect of their health, which is often the most complex and most challenging to navigate.

If you’ve hit a plateau and you want to fast-track your results and make sure all your efforts working out are not going to waste, then maybe it’s time to join our 6in4 Online (available internationally) or face-to-face program (Dubai only).

Perhaps you’re just wanting to get started and fast-track your results from the beginning – start your training and fitness journey with us with proper education and coaching from leaders in the field with expert coaches that have over 20 years of combined experience.


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