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After you’ve lost weight, what do you do?

After you’ve lost weight, what do you do?

At Best Body Co. we often get asked:

“what do I do to maintain my results AFTER the challenge or AFTER I’ve lost the weight? I don’t want to get fat again and put on all the weight I’ve lost!!”

The answer is simple, but not what you want to hear… read on to get the answer.

Why do people join our programs?

Some people come to us because they have been unhappy with their weight or size for a long time… Finally, something inside them clicks, they’re sick of being fat, miserable and playing the victim. They decide to do something about it and make a change for the better.

Other people come to us because they’ve hit a plateau in their weight loss or fitness journey and are looking for new training or nutrition habits to make a break through and accelerate their results.

If we ask some of our members prior to joining one of our programs,

“Do you want short-term results, to lose weight and improve your body composition in 4 weeks and then regain the weight back once the challenge is over?”

100% would say NO!

Lasting change is what everyone wants.

We run 4-week transformation programs and mini-challenges regularly, but that is not where we want your journey to stop.

The majority of our members stay for us for months and even years, because they enjoy working out with a supportive community of like-minded people, they can see the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating well 80% of the time, and they are committed to an enjoyable and sustainable fitness solution.

Working out and eating well becomes part of your DNA, not just a short-term fad.

We want you to succeed and sustain those results that you have worked hard for. Not to go backwards!

It’s in our best interest for you to thrive and share your solution with others!

Once YOU make the commitment, we’re here to guide you and show you…

BUT the rest is up to you – what you choose to do next is in YOUR CONTROL and will determine whether you’ve successfully changed your lifestyle and habits – to LOOK better, FEEL better and FUNCTION better.

Not just for the short-term, but FOREVER.

“You can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink. You can put a man through school but can’t make them think.”

The ball is in your court.

Hit reply, pick up that weight and take your first step.


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