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What to do after you get the body you want

What to do after you get the body you want

What to do after you get the body you want? What do you need to do to ensure you don’t stack on all the weight again and undo all your hard work?

It’s basic, boring, but the truth.


1. Don’t treat training, health and nutrition as a means to an end. There is no final destination or magical place youโ€™ll get to, where you can โ€œdo nothingโ€ and still maintain your results.

Staying lean, fit, healthy and strong is a lifestyle and a journey that is constantly evolving. Use the challenge as a kick start to your journey. Think beyond 4 weeks…

If you’re happy with how you look and feel right now, doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you’re doing (diet and exercise) and it does NOT mean you will stay the same – you will actually probably revert back to where you started.

You can be less strict with the foods you eat, integrate more of the foods you like and scale back on the frequency or intensity of your exercise routine… if your body appears to be holding its current state, then you’ve found your happy place! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

If the scales start to creep up again, maybe your pants are feeling a little snug, or sometimes your little extra food allowances or regular workouts are starting to slip, then you know you need to reign it in again buddy, before the situation gets out of control.

2. Daily movement and challenging your body regularly and consistently – You don’t have to workout everyday, we do recommend listening to your body and resting when needed.

If you love working out daily and getting your sweat on, great, keep doing it, but make sure some days are less intense to allow your body to recover. You’re only as good as your recovery!

If you’re not making time to actually go to the gym or a class, that’s ok, try to move your body, do some manual labour (it can be hard in Dubai sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰) and set yourself a minimum daily step target – 8-10k per day as a minimum.

3. Eat to nourish and fuel your body – treat it with respect. You know how good you feel during the program, you love the changes you’re seeing in your body, your skin clearing up, the amount of energy you have and the bounce in your step! You are really feelin’ yo’ self!

Remember this feeling.
ย When you’re tempted to eat sh*t, remember how bad it makes you feel, not in terms of guilt, more so in terms of how you may feel sluggish, bloated and generally not so good.

If you cut down on your physical activity, you know you’ll need to reduce your food intake to maintain your results. You can’t expect to NOT workout and eat the same and still look banging. Your body doesn’t work that way. Scale back and use your brain.

4. Fix your mind. Figure out what your goals and values are and always ask yourself, “is this a behaviour or action that is in line with my goals or values?”

Your psychology drives your physiology.

If you value a healthy, fit, strong, lean body, then take actions that point you in the direction towards that goal.

If your goal is long term change, then hardwire your thinking and habits and use our #6in4Challenge or mini-challenge programs to be the start of FOREVER.

Forever is scary, because forever is a long time – you don’t have to go hard and fast all the time, you will ebb and flow as your goals and needs change, but commit to consistency and doing it right 80% of the time.

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