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So many options to watch on Netflix… which one to pick?

So many options to watch on Netflix… which one to pick?

There has never been a better time to pursue your health and fitness goals, than now.

More information and fitness programs designed to get you what you want are becoming available and everyone is discounting or slashing prices trying to make an extra buck, especially in light of the pandemic…

But there are only a handful of people that take advantage of this information and programs and execute it properly to get favourable results.

AND there are only a few gyms or coaches that actually deliver results for their clients, without the need to constantly short-sell themselves and discount. Sometimes, what you pay is what you get, but more importantly, application is key.

Even with all the offers that are out there, people struggle with this idea of โ€œapplication and following through.โ€

Too many choices and information can paralyse your ability to act.

Ever had a night in front of Netflix with literally thousands of choices and not been able to find one that you want to watch?

Not too many years ago, there were only a few options to watch on TV. Remember TVs with antennas? Or maybe you’re too young to remember ๐Ÿ˜‰

Depending on what country youโ€™re from, there would have been between 4 to 7 TV channels and there was no selecting which show you want to watch and the exact time you want to watch it – you get what you’re given.

Ironically having less choices, made it much easier to find something to watch.

Increasing technology and choices are both a blessing and a curse.

IF you can make your way through the clutter and lock in, then youโ€™ll be entertained, fitter than ever and living the life you want in a body youโ€™re happy with.

IF not, then youโ€™ll be in a constant state of confusion, blame and inability to act.

At Best Body Co. we have decluttered and simplified what needs to be done to move towards your health and fitness goals.

We have refined our training and nutritionย program over the last 2 years, we have taken the guesswork out and made it easier than ever for our clients to understand, follow and get results.

We have set the pins up and are waiting for you to knock them down!

Go on, get that strike!


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