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Stop the worry and start lifting

Stop the worry and start lifting

It’s impossible to not have a little anxiety and worry in 2020.

Going through a global pandemic makes people think and be more careful with decision-making in all walks of life.

Economic and health concerns would have to be at the top of the list.

Is my job safe? What happens if I get sick? Can I afford to spend that much on this right now?

Stress and worry is often thought of as something negative. However, this isn’t always the case.

Too much stress and worry can wreak havoc on your health.

Living with your head in the clouds and using the power of “manifestation” to fight off viruses instead of a mask is dangerous.

The premise of exercise is applying stress to your body in a way, so that you can adapt and improve.

Emotional stress and concern can make us more vigilant and informed on what to avoid and to stay safe.

There is a sweet spot with stress that helps us to stay happy and healthy.

Too little and we turn into balls of mush with no sense of reality… Too much and we become highly strung and in a constant state of fatigue.

In order for improvement or growth there needs to be an obstacle, stress or challenge to overcome.

The way we view 2020 and how we deal with any type of challenge we face, shapes the outcomes of our lives.

It could be the reason you stopped working on your health and fitness …. Or it could be the reason you started (or continued) to work on your health and fitness.

Which one do you choose?

… choose to begin, choose to continue and finish 2020 strong with us at BBCO! It’s good for your immunity AND your mental and physical well-being 😉

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