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Why personal training could be slowing you down…

Why personal training could be slowing you down…

It’s been a while since we checked in with you all! Over the last few months we’ve just finished two amazing challenges in Dubai which happened to occur during the 2021 Dubai Fitness Challenge.

We had over 60 people sign up for the Tanfeeth 6in4 Challenge (a corporate wellness program for employees) who worked out with us virtually from home. They achieved an average weight loss of 4kg and 23cm drop in body measurements in just 4 weeks!

We also just finished our second BARE 6in4 Challenge with our top performer losing 5.6kg and 5.6% body fat in just 4 weeks! Check out some of the latest results below.

Personal Training Personal Training Personal Training

As we are settling into our new life on the Gold Coast in Australia, we are exploring different gyms and doing a lot of people watching.

(We’re noticing that young Aussie fitness people like to wear a lot of bright fluoro colours, leopard print and “up the butt” style scrunchy booty shorts!)

But seriously… and more importantly…

Whilst we’re at these various gyms, we have noticed how many of the personal trainers here interact with their PT clients… and it reminded us of the PT scene in Dubai as well…

Trainers checking their phones, staring at themselves in the mirrors, looking around at other people in the gym (anywhere other than looking at their actual client and what they’re doing)…


Which leads us to our email topic for today and what we wanted to chat to you about… why we believe personal training could be slowing you down…

Outsourcing your health and fitness to a personal trainer can be one of the worst decisions you’ll make.

All too often people “pay” for someone to tell them what to do and when to do it, hoping that it will yield the results that they are after.

Thinking you’re “too busy” and that paying someone else will save you time when it comes to your body, is a recipe for disaster.

Your current health is a summation of your past nutrition and lifestyle. There are no hours, days or months that aren’t counted.

The notion that you can go to a trainer for a few hours per week and they’ll be able to transform the rest of your days and weeks for pristine health is wishful thinking.

Chances are you’ll show up for the first few weeks and make “beginner gains”, which will skew and inflate your confidence in your personal trainer’s ability to get you to the promised land.

When you first start training in the gym, you’re going to make “beginner gains” no matter how bad or good your training is.

The key ingredient for beginner gains is basically just showing up consistently despite thinking your trainer is turning water into wine.

This is commonly where people get stuck in the personal training rut, just thinking they need to increase their training frequency and intensity (and money spent) to keep the results rolling in.

If you have been training with your trainer longer than a few months and your progress has slowed, then you might need to rethink your approach. You’re no longer a beginner, so stop training like one.

At Best Body Co. we don’t take the responsibility away from you, rather, we teach you how to be accountable for your continued results.

We have the methods and proven track record to take you from point A to point B but there is no sugar coating it… YOU need to do the work!

Are you ready to do the work?

Well our next face-to-face challenge is back, this time in DUBAI MARINA!

The secret is out, why not join our next challenge at MVMT CrossFit! It’s taken us months to finally find a great gym and awesome team of experienced and qualified coaches at MVMT who we believe will help our members get the results they’ve always wanted!

Find out more here.

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