Adam McCubbin - Best Body Co - Co-founder & Head Coach

Adam McCubbin

Adam McCubbin


“You need to start between the ears and have intention, backed by action, to achieve success.”

With over 16 years of extensive experience and education, Adam has a broad range of skills including entry-level physical development to advanced athletic development. Adam’s mission is to provide people with the tools to ensure success in achieving optimal health, performance and results. He does this through quantifiable assessments, scientific training methods, functional nutrition and understanding human behaviour.

Adam believes that everyone has the ability and the right to achieve the body that they desire – whether for aesthetics, performance or health. He strives to help people break through their mental and physical barriers and discover their true potential. With a hunger for knowledge and a passion for sharing information, Adam wants to help improve the quality of life of others by making health and fitness more accessible, to more people.

A regular writer, public speaker and contributor to leading publications such as Health and Fitness magazine, Fitness First Australia magazine and Breaking Muscle; in addition to having a popular podcast featuring famous health and fitness professionals such as Dan John and Tim Anderson, ‘The Adam McCubbin podcast’ – Adam is a well-regarded and prominent figure in both Australia and the UAE. Having worked in market-leading commercial gym chains and high profile boutique training studios in Melbourne and Dubai, Adam specialises in coaching high-level corporates and executives to achieve maximum results, within minimum time commitment.


    • Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sport Science (Major: Sports Nutrition)
    • Diploma Sports Development (Strength & Conditioning)
    • Diploma Sports Management
    • Level 3 REPs Certified Personal Trainer
    • Certificate IV in Personal Training
    • Certificate III in Fitness
    • EXOS phase 1 certified coach (formerly known as Athletes Performance)
    • FMA level 2 Strength coach
    • Functional Movement ScreenCertified Level 1 & 2
    • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Level 1
    • Australian Weightlifting Federation Certified Level 1 Coach
    • Performance Training Institute Certificate in Advanced Strength Training Level 1
    • Poliquin BioSignaturePractitioner Level 2


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