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Brands we love

Meal Plans

Here at Best Body Co., we are excited to have on board Kcal Extra and Fuel-Up by Kcal as our exclusive meal plan partners to support our members during the 6in4 Challenge and our other Best Body Co. clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

As the #1 healthy food company in the UAE, we trust Kcal 100% to cater towards our members’ needs and desires. Both Kcal Extra and Fuel-Up by Kcal share similar values and beliefs that we do when it comes to quality food and nutrition, plus they taste delicious, wholesome and satisfying!

Why did we choose Kcal Extra and Fuel-Up by Kcal? Because they have proven results and reliability when it comes to offering a catered meal plan conveniently delivered to your door step. Plus they’re tasty  and affordable for those looking to get their meals delivered everyday. They offer great variety and can adapted to any specific dietary requirements that you might have.

Why choose Kcal Extra?


Kcal Extra is perfect for you if you have a busy life and schedule, where you don’t have time to cook and prepare your meals everyday. It takes the thinking and guess-work out of the food you eat, so you can focus on more important things in your daily routine and not worry about cheating on your diet. Kcal Extra is all about lifestyle – offering simple, flavoursome and satisfying meals, delivered to you daily for your convenience, at affordable prices. Kcal extra is also great if you have specific dietary requirements, such as if you’re vegetarian, diabetic or gluten-free. If your focus is on weight loss and fat loss, without sacrificing taste, then this is the plan for you!

With Kcal Extra, you’ll get 3 x meals per day and 2 x heathy snacks that have been portioned to our exact specifications as a Best Body Co. 6in4 Challenge member. Meals are delivered to you daily at your preferred time slot.

Best Body Co. 6in4 Challenge members get 20% off their monthly meal plans from Kcal Extra by using the code ‘BestBodyCo20′

Why choose Fuel-Up by Kcal?


Fuel-Up by Kcal is more suited to you if you’re a serious athlete, bodybuilder or have been training for many years. So if your training routine is intense and you’re after a specific macro-tailored meal plan for optimal performance and your goal is to get leaner or to build more muscle mass, then this is the plan for you. Fuel-Up is best suited to those who follow a more traditional meal plan, with majority of your protein sources coming from meat.

Best Body Co. 6in4 Challenge members get 10% off their monthly meal plans from Fuel-Up by Kcal – no code required. Click here to access the Best Body Co. x Fuel-Up exclusive meal plan.

Speak to our Head Coaches to find out more about pricing and how to start your healthy lifestyle with Kcal and take the fuss out of your meal prep!

Healthy Foods


If you don’t have time to cook and need to order in whilst staying healthy, then Kcal restaurants are the answer. Finding quality wholesome food which can be delivered to your doorstep can be a challenge but with Kcal, all the items on the menu have their calories and macronutrients listed for your convenience to keep you on track with your goals!

What Kcal does it take all your favourite dishes and making them healthier; they replace white bread with whole wheat, they use homemade sauces instead of manufactured ones full of nasties. Healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious and that’s what Kcal does – making sure your healthy meals are still packed with flavour. Not to mention Kcal’s drool-worthy and guilt-free dessert menu with some delectable treats that you can indulge in too!

Best Body Co. members receive an exclusive 15% discount by using the code ‘BestBodyCo‘ when you order via the Kcal Life App, online on the Kcal website at or when you visit one of their restaurant locations – simply mention ‘Best Body Co.’ to get 15% off – locations include Business Bay, JLT, Mirdif City Centre, Al Barsha and Dubai Healthcare City.

At Best Body Co., we believe in support #strongwomen and local start-ups, just like us – made in Dubai! That’s why we love Rawkure by Mariam Hourani, a local business created by an inspiring female entrepreneur, that is all about feeding your cells and nourishing your body with healthy catering, snacks and desserts!

All of Rawkure’s foods are organic and anti-inflammatory, plant-based (vegan) and keto, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Rawkure makes healthy food taste awesome, for the whole family, kids and adults!

What are some of our favourites? We love their Muscle Munch protein balls, Chewy Choco Cookies and Sweetie Pie! 

Best Body Co. 6-in-4 challenge members get 10% off when they order online by using the promo code ‘6in4’ at checkout.

So now you can snack on some healthy treats and desserts without the guilt or get some better-for-you treats for your next birthday or celebration!


Supplements & Nutrition

We love My Protein – the world’s #1 online Sports Nutrition brand. They’re our go to brand for all things supplements and nutrition. To maximise your results in the 6-in-4 Challenge, you’ll find our key supplement recommendations in ‘Nutrition Basics & FAQs‘ guide that you receive at Orientation.

My Protein has ALL your supplementation, nutrition, training accessories and apparel needs – it’s your one-stop-shop for all things related to health and fitness! Plus, they have a great range of products suitable for any dietary requirements you may have i.e. dairy-free and vegan!

By clicking on the My Protein logo on this page, this will take you through to our exclusive discount link on the website.

6-in-4 Challenge members get AN EXTRA 30% OFF (yes T-H-I-R-T-Y) My Protein by using the code ‘6IN4‘ at check-out.

Get FREE shipping when you spend over AED 250 using the link above.We love The Clean Living Company – whenever you get the urge to snack or have any sugar cravings, we highly recommend sipping on a delicious and wholesome cup of broth from these guys! There are 3 different varieties to choose from – beef, chicken or vegan broth – so there’s something for everyone! Plus, Clean Living Co. bone broth has a whole lot of other benefits, like assisting with your weightloss goals, reverse signs of ageing, anti-inflammation, increased energy and boosting your metabolism! 6-in-4 Challenge members get 15% any bone broth purchases. You can purchase 3 ways, whatever suits you:

  1. Via website – Click the logo above and use the code ‘6464‘ at check-out to get 15% off
  2. Via email – just mention that you’re doing the ‘6-in-4 Challenge‘ and send your email request to to get 15% off
  3. Via WhatsApp – just mention that you’re doing the ‘6-in-4 Challenge‘ and WhatsApp your order to +971 58 180 5223 to get 15% off


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