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Here at Best Body Co. we’re serious about changing people’s approach to all things health and fitness. We want to inspire change and create happier, healthier lifestyles for everybody in the Gulf!

Almost 1/3 of people in the Middle East are overweight and the numbers are growing, fast. We want to help! We want to stop the fat and shift toward fit, by making a positive impact on as many people as possible.


We’re not about the latest diet craze or magic weight loss pill. We’re not about twice-a-day, crazy gym sessions for hours on end. We’re not about short-term, quick fix approaches that lead to yo-yo weight fluctuations. We’re real. We’re honest. We have a tough-love approach. Our training style is NOT EASY but it is definitely worth it!

Our health and fitness programs offer more than just exercise. Our programs offer a full-service approach – of training, nutrition, knowledge and genuine, caring, community support like no-other. We want to build a #bestbodyco #fitfam of positive people – with a can-do attitude and zest for living life, fully! Our programs will transform not only your body, but your life!


We FEEL good by DOING good for others. It’s why we got started in the first place! With just the two of us, we can only take on a limited number of 1-1 clients at a time – there are only so many hours in a day! Also, sometimes people can’t afford 1-1 personal training – but we believe EVERYONE should have access to quality information, nutrition guidance and effective training to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, with a body to be proud of!

So with over 20 years of experience, knowledge and real-world results shared between us, we’re on a mission to help more people and be a driving force for positive change and a fitter future in the Middle East.


How do I apply for the Original 6in4?

To apply for our Original 6in4 Challenge (Strength Training edition) click here and submit your details. One of our team will be in contact with you to let you know if your application is successful.

Can I do the 6in4 Challenge online by correspondence?

Yes, if you are unable to make the class times and locations or if you live outside of Dubai UAE,  you can do this program remotely in another country or location. However we require you to have access to a adequate training facility. Please get in contact to find out more

Can I still do the 6in4 Challenge if I’m away and unable to attend classes for part of the month?

Yes! And you can still get INCREDIBLE results, even if you miss a week of our program due to travel or work. It’s normal that sometimes, life gets in the way, we get sick, we are travelling for work or vacation – our members still get great results because we help to coach them on their mindset, as well as a change in their physical behaviours for long term health and weight loss. When our members are away, we provide them with at-home and travel workout plans that they can do with little to no gym equipment required. So there are no excuses why you can’t get results, you just have to be willing to commit and do the work! We like to work with members who are SERIOUS about getting results and don’t make excuses like, “I’ll do it next time because I can’t commit now.???

Can I participate in the program if I follow a vegan diet or vegetarian diet?

For members who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, we have additional resources specific to them so they can maximise their results during the 6in4 Challenge. Plus, we can recommend a local meal plan partner, who can also prepare delicious and healthy meals, delivered to you daily, that are vegan or vegetarian and adhere to our challenge guidelines for best results.

What if I have an existing injury or health condition that might stop me from doing certain exercises or losing weight. Can I still participate?

Our coaches are highlight experienced with a broad population of clients with different lifestyles, exercise histories and health conditions. To ensure the safety, quality and effectiveness of our program, all members are required to fill out a detailed health & fitness questionnaire before starting our program, to ensure we adapt or modify the training to keep you progressing without pain or harm.

Do you offer one-on-one or semi-private personal training?

Our head coaches Adam & Olivia have very limited availability for 1-1 and semi-private small group training, however please enquire at hello@bestbodyco.com with any requests indicating your health and fitness goals, preferred frequency and time of day for training. Best Body Co. can provide a recommendation for highly experienced and well-regarded coaches from within the team and industry, upon request.

We would like Best Body Co. to come and present at our offices on corporate wellness and group fitness. Do you provide this service?

Yes, Best Body Co. do provide corporate wellness presentations in Dubai and can conduct group fitness activities for the team within the UAE. Please send us an email hello@bestbodyco.com to make an enquiry for your company and to find out more.

Will this program work for everyone?

No. This program won’t change you if you are not ready or willing to put in the work! Losing 6kg (or more) in 4 weeks is a challenge and hard work – but we have proven success with our clients who do commit to the program 100% and don’t make excuses. We help guide our clients to better habits, knowledge and long term sustainable health and results. But ultimately YOU need to walk through the door, put in the work and want commit to improve!

Many of our members join our program not necessarily to lose 6kg or more, but to get into a healthier lifestyle and establish a good fitness routine, to join a fun and caring fitness community of like-minded people from different cultures and backgrounds and to get stronger, fitter and more energetic! For example, maybe you are already quite fit and active, and you have hit a fitness rut or a plateau and are struggling to lose the last 1 or 2kg. People join our program for different reasons and our coaches are always available to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are!


Adam McCubbin
Co-founder & Head Coach
Olivia McCubbin
Co-founder & Head Coach

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