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Original 6in4 Challenge

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Do you want to learn the principles of weight loss?
Are you sick of yo-yo dieting and starving yourself to get results?
Are you spending thousands of dollars on a Personal Trainer but not seeing any changes in your body?
Then apply now to see if you’re eligible for our 6-in-4 Challenge!


Sign up by 28th October 2021.
Choose your start date anytime in October or November and get 4 weeks of unlimited classes at BARE.


We will give you ALL the tools you need to succeed! If you’re accepted into the 6-in-4 Challenge, we’ll give you access to our qualified and experienced head coaches, a structured training program where you get unlimited fitness classes to condition your body to be strong, sculpted and lean, a no-fuss nutrition, supplements guide and menu to add fuel to your fat burning efforts AND family-like community support from other like-minded people who want to achieve the same goals and better lifestyle that you do!
We’ll be there with you to celebrate the highs (getting results) and also be there to guide you during the lows (like when you’re having a hard time sticking to the program) – we are a #fitfam and community, here to help you get results and live your best life!


Education Materials

We’ll share with you the education materials via email the day before the challenge starts, so you’ll be 100% prepared with all the information you need to get results during the 6in4 Challenge!

Body Measurements and Check-in

We’ll tell you how to conduct your body measurements and monitor your progress to help keep you accountable and have proof of your amazing results!

Structured Programming

With over 20 years of experience between us, we’ve developed safe and effective, structured programs so you can safely work towards your goals with the latest scientific methods.

Daily Intensive Training Sessions

During the 4 week challenge, you’ll get unlimited training sessions based on weight training and key functional movements to maximise your results. We recommend you attend 4-5 times per week for best results.

At Home Virtual Workouts

Miss a training session or can’t make it to the gym? We’ll provide you with a training program that you can do at home with little-to-no equipment needed in case you miss a training session with us face-to-face! We have structured at-home workouts and videos too!

Detailed Nutrition Guide and Meal Plans

We’ll give you a detailed nutrition plan that is 100% easy to understand, quick and easy to prepare and fool-proof for you to get best results! You just have to stick to the plan! We can also help set you up with a home delivery service for your meal plans via our nutrition experts and local food partners. (Note: meal delivery is an additional cost).

Best Body Co. Recipe eBook

If you like variety and want some fun and healthy food ideas, we’ve put together a helpful recipe e-book with delicious, quick and easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. Exclusive to our 6in4 Challenge members!

Community Support

The best way for you to stay committed and on track with your goals is to surround yourself with a team of people that want to achieve similar health and fitness goals to you! This is our #fitfam and you’ll have access to a great network of like-minded people who will help raise you up!

Unlimited Access to Head Coaches

You’ll get total unlimited access via WhatsApp and Email to our head coaches, Adam and Olivia, for any questions you might have about training or nutrition; OR if you just need some emotional support and accountability!

Guaranteed Results

If you’ve been 100% following the program and attending our classes, you’ll be one of our next Best Body Co. 6in4 Challenge success stories! Be part of the thousands who have successfully completed our program and achieved amazing results!


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