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How to stay in shape as we age

How to stay in shape as we age

There is no shortage of money being spent on staying in shape, looking more youthful and on life extension in 2020.

Almost universally, people want to look younger and live longer.

And looking at current celebrities in their 50s, 60s and 70s, it seems like we’re all looking better than ever! 🤩

Having strong reason to look younger and unlimited resources and access to the latest science shows that looking youthful and staying in shape is possible.

If you use Jennifer Lopez (50 years old) and Sylvester Stallone (73 years old) as our inspiration and examples of what is possible.

Yes, they both have virtually unlimited money and resources to spend on their health and beauty routines… but the key component is that they have been proactive and consistent over decades!

The best exercise or program is the one you did yesterday. Compounding results, routines and habits is where the magic lies ✨✨✨

So, if you didn’t start yesterday on your life extension or looking youthful program then next best thing is today.

Prevention is always preferable to the cure. Don’t wait until the year is half over to start walking in the direction of your goals!

JLo and Sylvester don’t take shortcuts or let the wheels come off when it comes to their appearance and staying youthful.

“Success leaves clues.”

Taking a month off a healthy eating plan or stopping exercise altogether should not be an option. Momentum can build in the wrong direction just as quick as your results came first-time round.

As we age, changing direction and momentum gets harder and harder each year. Make sure the ball is rolling in the direction of your targets more often than not!

At Best Body Co. we specialise in making sure you’re heading in the right direction and creating systems and habits that you can use for a lifetime.

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