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Making training simple for Ramadan

Making training simple for Ramadan

A few years back I used to workout with a guy, Omar. Great workout partner but he confused me a lot.

He is what you call a fair weather fitness dork… Always reading the latest Men’s Health magazine and changing his approach with the wind.

One week he would be doing a keto diet and swearing that carbs will kill you… The next week, as per the latest Netflix food documentary, he’d be a devoted vegan.

Omar would spend thousands of dollars on supplements that would promise the world.

He’d import berries from Peru and only drink artesian water depending on what the latest trend was.

It never made sense to me. Trying little bits of everything and moving onto something new before anything could improve.

Many people are just like Omar. Focusing on 1000 different things at once, answering any DM on Instagram, trying every new diet or supplement idea all at once. He left everything unfinished and a mess!

It’s easy to get stuck or confused these days if you do everything that your social media feed or your favourite “influencer” tells you.

A little bit of everything makes a whole lot of nothing!

Unclutter and focus on the simple things that work. It doesn’t have to be complicated to get results.

Execution + time = results

In our upcoming Ramadan program we’ll show you exactly what to execute over the 4 weeks to produce a result that you might be wanting.

There is still time to join!

THE BODY CAMP CHALLENGE starts in just 3 days.

Click here to find out more about the challenge.

LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP for this Ramadan Challenge.

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