How simple ideas can help you achieve MORE with your health & fitness -

How simple ideas can help you achieve MORE with your health & fitness

How simple ideas can help you achieve MORE with your health & fitness

Are you doing the easy and simple things well for your health & fitness? 

With more information, technology and communication you’d think the average population would be getting healthier, slimmer and fitter?

More information and technology can actually distract you from the basics and more importantly, doing the basics well. Over-complication of training and nutrition is completely worthless IF you don’t nail down the basics first! (Ever been to a class and been told to do some sort of ridiculous complicated “ab crunch with plate press twist your body and leg drop” combination!? 🙅🏻‍♀️🤣 🤡) – See related article here for Simple fitness rules

Launching into a ketogenic diet when you have never been able to stick to a basic balanced diet plan is like teaching algebra without knowing how to count to ten!Simple Adam

Crawl before you walk… and walk before you run!

Looking at increasing your blood ketones and lifting 2x body weight on your back squat does have potential benefits, but that isn’t the answer to losing weight, overall health and developing the right habits for compliance and long term success.

Ask yourself (and be honest 😉):

1. Are you actually following the plan? Or are you starting to “stray” and make exceptions thinking you can get away with it?
2. How many “cheat meals” are you having? Is it a cheat “meal” (singular) or is it a whole cheat “DAY” (plural)?
3. Are you eating from all 3 main macronutrients at each meal – protein, carbs and fats?
4. Are you getting enough NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis i.e. are you staying active and moving around a lot during the day to offset your sitting/lack of activity) to increase your overall daily calorie burn?

People get fat from sitting in a chair too long and eating too many high calorie, low nutrient density foods… Not because they ate an apple or some other vilified food group.

Pinning your results to complicated methods without practicing and understanding the basics is about as useful as a fly screen on a submarine!!

If you’re killing yourself training hard just 2-3 times a week, but then sitting on your ass all day doing nothing, don’t expect to get results!

It’s the total shift in your energy expenditure that will cause the biggest change, but working out frequently and at challenging intensities for your body, will help keep you focused, motivated and on track in adopting long term lifestyle change. Having a fitness tracker like a Fitbit or Apple Watch doesn’t mean anything if you’re not actually using it to help you track your activity levels, such as your step count, as one example of a quick and easy measure to fix!Simple


At Best Body Co. we focus on the basics and teach principles rather than just methods.

Sure, there are times when things need to get complicated, but not before we master the basics.

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