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How to be “lucky” with your health & fitness

How to be “lucky” with your health & fitness

Have you ever noticed those “lucky” people that seem to eat whatever they want and not seem to gain any weight.

It just doesn’t seem fair!

Some of us feel like just a few licks of a dried prune and simply looking at a cookie will make us gain weight.

How is this possible? And how is it even fair!? 😭😭

It often leads people to believe that there is some “secret” that we haven’t been told about.

A whole conspiracy against us and our fitness happiness.

The truth of the matter is that those “lucky” people are managing to stay in shape or get in shape, by doing nothing more than controlling their energy balance.

They’re burning the fuel that is getting consumed over a period of time.

One day they might have a double cheeseburger and a thick shake, but over a week, month or year they’re either in calorie maintenance or deficit mode.

Often people point to metabolism as a reason why they can or cannot lose or maintain weight.

“I can’t lose weight because of my slow metabolism.”

“She is skinny because of her fast metabolism.”

In effect they’re actually right in relative terms.

Being chronically sedentary and inactive WILL lead to a slower metabolism.

Your body is a reflection on the demands you place on it, with no exceptions.

If we have two people with the exact same body weight, for example 70kg, but one with 35% body fat compared with 20% body fat, the person with the lower body fat percentage will always have the higher metabolic demands.

Muscle is a metabolically expensive tissue compared with fat, that requires much less energy for homeostasis (being able to maintain).

If you have spent the better part of your life being sedentary, then chances are you’re not going to have too much muscle to give you that superior metabolism.

That is why any transformation or health program must contain some form of strength training. 

Take ownership and create your own “luck” when it comes to your health & fitness.

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