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5 standards in movement and strength to aim for

5 standards in movement and strength to aim for

Over the last 100 years the average age that people live to has increased significantly, with modern science and treatments.

However, the internet, smartphone, highly refined foods and the chair have regressed our ability to move well and be strong.

Standards and averages are getting lower when it comes to what we label as “healthy??? or “acceptable???.

We’re in a culture now that gives “participation ribbons” and sets lower expectations to keep everyone feeling good…

Yes, being happy is part of good health but don’t think your expanding waistline is ok just because everyone else has one!

Aiming for average might have you looking like Homer Simpsonstandards

Touching your toes shouldn’t just be for people that do yoga and gymnastics. It’s a baseline standard, and one that is dwindling because it’s now “all too hard??? for the general population.

Here are our 6-baseline movement (minimum) standards for health and reduced risk of incidental pain or injuries. Please note all the below MUST NOT induce pain.

  1. Being able to touch your toes with no knee bend or bouncing.
  2. Raising arms completely vertical above head, in a straight line. Looking on the side, if your arms are ahead of your body, then it’s a fail.
  3. Having the ability to hinge (bend) at the hips with no knee or back bend. Google “hip hinge??? if you don’t know what this looks like.
  4. Breaking parallel in a goblet squat, without your lower back bending like a banana.
  5. Static lunge (knee to floor on the back leg – front knee angle at 90 degrees) with a vertical torso position. No twisting or bending like a pretzel.
  6. Stand on one leg for +10 seconds.

Here are our baseline strength standards or targets to aim for.

Please note that you should be able to do all of the above before you start trying to attempt the below strength standards. If you have been training (properly) for longer than 12 months and these targets seem out of reach, you need to rethink your programming, find a better coach and improve your technique! (All of which we do here at Best Body Co. 😉)

  1. Plank for +2 minutes.
  2. 1.25 x body weight deadlift.
  3. Hang for 30 seconds from a bar (men should be able to complete 1 pull up post 30 seconds).
  4. Inverted row 10 reps for men (feet elevated in line with body). Women 5 reps.
  5. Bodyweight bench press (women ½ BW).
  6. Squat body weight 10 reps (women ¾ BW).

Our programming at Best Body Co. is not slapped together haphazardly and is designed to push people to the above standards and beyond! That’s why we get such amazing results – not just in terms of general health and wellbeing, but also in terms of improvements in body composition – namely increases in muscle and reductions in body fat! Standards

We want the standards of peoples health, fitness and life to reach optimal levels not “average” Homer Simpson.

The next intake for our famous 6in4 Challenge starts on the 18th May! So, if you’re looking to drop body fat or just to increase the standards of your overall health then come join us!

Let us know how you measure up to these standards by commenting below or contact here and to find out more about applying for our next intake of the 6in4 challenge, coached by us personally!

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