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Is your health and fitness actually improving?

Is your health and fitness actually improving?

The most common mistake when it comes to health and fitness is not knowing or understanding if you’re improving.

All too often people shoot first and aim late. They join up at the gym or with a personal trainer whilst their motivation is high and go for it without a second thought.

Now we’re all for striking while the iron is hot and taking advantage of gaining momentum in a healthy direction.

BUT… Make sure you’re assessing regularly.

Getting a start point can only be taken once. If you’re two or four weeks in and then decide to assess yourself it’s too late.

How do you know if all your efforts have been worth it?

You’ll be grateful in the coming weeks and months that you have taken the time to see exactly what your numbers are and your starting point.

If your trainer or coach has been training you and has neglected to take your assessments or track your progress, then fire them!

Unless you’re paying them to be your friend, it’s best to find a coach or a program that can give you feedback on your efforts.

Gyms, group training and personal training is expensive (especially in Dubai). Just because you’re paying top dollar doesn’t mean you’re getting great service.

If you don’t assess yourself accurately, how will you know if you have improved?

Gaining these data points will enable you to track your progress, adjust accordingly and will help with sustaining your motivation and instill good lifelong habits.

Positive results work wonders on your mindset! Seeing your hard work pay off reinforces positive and healthy behaviours.

What should we measure and assess?

Anything you’re aiming to improve. “What gets measured gets managed”

Weight, circumference measures, body fat %, lean muscle %, photos are baseline measures.

Tracking reps, sets, volume lifted, strength and any other performance markers if that’s what you’re aiming to improve.

One of the key factors to remember is that results aren’t always linear. There can be days or weeks where things might not go where you want them to go.

Getting feedback can force you to look at the methods you’re employing and find out what is working and what doesn’t work for you.

Assess and never guess!

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