This is your final reminder for change - Best Body Co

This is your final reminder for change

This is your final reminder for change

The holidays are usually a time for family, friends and most importantly great food (refer to image of Adam above!) It can be a fantastic time to take some time off and refocus on your goals for the New Year.

Getting away from your usual daily routine helps with putting things into perspective on what is important and what you might have been wasting your attention on.

Time is a finite resource (much like your health), so it’s critical that we all put our best foot forward with a purpose for 2022!

Sweeping it under the rug and delaying what you know you should be doing will only compound your outcomes in the wrong direction.

Drawing a line in the sand before you finish 2021 will put your mind at rest knowing there is an action plan waiting for the New Year.

Much like everything in life, great outcomes take time and effort to achieve…. BUT you can change the trajectory in an instant.

To lose the weight, start that business, leave that partner, have a child, buy that dream car etc.

They all happen when you decide that’s what you want and choose the path.

If enough is enough and you’re ready to join us for our first challenge for 2022 then click this link!

The Early Bird Discount finishes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT– Friday 31st December.

If you can’t make it to our Dubai Marina Challenge at MVMT CrossFit, then you could always do our 6in4 Challenge online program.

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