How you can follow-through in February with your health and fitness

How you can follow-through in February with your health and fitness

How you can follow-through in February with your health and fitness

To have a successful February, we all need to follow-through on what we set out to achieve in January.

January is the month of resolution and new beginnings for people’s health and fitness activities.

New diets being tried, gym memberships being purchased, quitting smoking, amongst many other health related goals are all a popular topic of conversation at the start of the year.

All the things that we have been putting off come to a head and resolutions are set!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

New beginnings and intentions set the roadmap for success  in 2020.

More often than not, February is often the month where the wheels fall off, even with the best intentions and well-laid out plans…

Coming up with a list of things that you would like is the easy part!

The execution of the plan is the hard part when the going gets tough.

There will always be obstacles that get in the way of your health and fitness resolutions.

Taking that “single step” is critical…. But the 10,000 other steps after are just as important, like when you feel like sleeping in and someone hands you a big slice of cheesecake 🍰

That is why we want you to put as much thought and effort into actually following through in February.

Here are 3 tips on how to keep that momentum and follow-through in February: 

1. Break your overall goal/resolutions into small targets and set points. Often people set lofty goals like “lose 20kg in 2020” …which is achievable but can be incredibly intimidating and can get lost, especially after just one month. Putting more focus on short term targets and achievements will help with compliance, motivation and the ability to make smart adjustments when needed.

2. Tell your friends, family and co-workers your resolutions and goals. Announcing your intentions, asking for support and placing external social pressure on yourself will help you staying on the right path. If they are going to sabotage and tempt you off your desired path then tell them to take a long walk off a short pier! 😬😲🥴Spend time with those that encourage you and are aligned with your best interests.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people and be part of a community. It is well known that the people that you spend time with, for good or bad, have an effect on you. Hang out with people that like to smoke and binge drink every week, then there is a high chance that you’ll do the same. Join a program or challenge like ours @bestbodyco and you’ll be around people on the same mission as yourself 🙌 Plus, plonking your hard-earned cash down can also work as an external motivator to show up and put in work. You never value what you don’t invest in, like putting a few hundred dirhams into a gym membership that you’ll probably never actually go to, because no one is keeping you accountable…

Let us know what you’re planning to follow through on in February in the comments below or contact us here.

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