How to unlock ALL the results from your exercise and nutrition

How to unlock ALL the results from your exercise and nutrition

How to unlock ALL the results from your exercise and nutrition

Whether we like it or not we’re constantly adapting to what our body is being exposed to.

Sitting for 8+ hours a day at your dining room table doing remote work during quarantine?

Even if you workout and eat nutritious foods, your body will inevitably start to find ways to adapt to that dining room chair setup position.

There is a compounding effect when it comes to your activities, habits and lifestyles.

You can only “get away” with sitting with bad posture, lack of physical activity and poor nutrition habits for a period of time…

BUT inevitably outcomes, either good or bad, will start to manifest.

The most commonly overlooked or misunderstood part of people’s health and fitness is the art of rest and recovery.

People are generally either getting way too much rest 😬 or unable to recover from the physical and mental stresses 😫.

Both are two very different issues and require two different approaches.

If you are facing problem 1 and the only steps you’re getting are walking from the couch to the fridge, then the approach is vastly different.

Focusing on steps to increase physical activity, habits and routines should be the focus.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re someone that has been consistent for at least 6 to 12 months with your nutrition, training and physical activity and not seeing the expected results, then prioritising recovery will be the answer.

The notion and mentality that to get better results, we just need to train harder and more frequently… is a misnomer.

Thinking “more is better” is going to not only stop you getting closer to your goals but in some cases can take you further away from them!

Unless you’re superman or superwoman or taking anabolic steroids, then recovery will be your limiting factor.

Start to adopt the mentality “recover as hard as you train!”

Here are 5 key areas that will help you unlock the next level in your results. 

1. Sleep: We know it’s not sexy, but it’s without a doubt the single best way to recover and regenerate. Getting adequate time in bed isn’t enough. Looking at sleep quality with a fine tooth comb can help change behaviour and improve sleep practices.

2. Nutrition: It’s not all about calories and macros. Are you getting all the required micronutrients (vitamins, fatty acids, minerals etc.) Missing critical nutrients can reduce sleep quality and overall recovery. Blood tests and genetic tests can pinpoint what might be needed.

3. Periodizing your training: Having a structured program that is periodised and tapers off, allows you body time to adapt and improve. (That’s why at Best Body Co. we don’t just give you a new and different killer workout every session – a lot of time and thinking goes into our workouts and we let you do them for a few weeks before changing to a new program!)

4. Active rest: Rest doesn’t always mean plonking yourself in front of the TV and doing nothing. Movement training, mobility drills, self-myofacial-release and hot and cold water therapy are great ways to improve recovery.

5. Breathing and mindfulness: Both breathing exercises and mindfulness have been shown to increase parasympathetic tone, which is a crucial factor in the recovery process. Plus, research has reported increases in performance and improved mental health.

Before you start to look for harder and new training methods, make sure you’re doing the above perfectly!

Train hard, recover harder!  

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