Maintaining your results during Ramadan - Best Body Co

Maintaining your results during Ramadan

Maintaining your results during Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak from Best Body Co.!

There is a fine line between knowing when to push yourself in the gym versus when to back off and rest.

All too often, we get swept up in thinking more is better

“If I burned 500 calories in my last workout then I should be aiming for more next workout?”

“Training 6 times per week is better than 4, right?”

It’s never ending and can have you chasing your tail and getting sick and run-down.

Not being strategic can have you wasting all your sweat, effort and in fact, be pulling your results backwards.

Think of training just like a drug you’d get prescribed from your doctor.

Too little and the drug doesn’t work and too much could be catastrophic.

Health, nutrition, recovery, training and lifestyle is a delicate symphony.

Each aspect is just as important as the other.

Your current health is a manifestation of what you did last week, last month, last year and last decade… With no exceptions.

You only get one body. Don’t flog it to death or keep in bubble wrap. 

Be precise and play the long game of health.

If you don’t know what amount of food, exercise or recovery is right, then we can help.

Join our program in person or online to take the next step!

May you and your family have a blessed month this Ramadan.

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