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What is the “perfect” workout or plan for you?

What is the “perfect” workout or plan for you?

When it comes to fitness and health there is no such thing as “perfect”.

There is not one “perfect” coach (… we all make mistakes and sometimes sleep in and miss our alarm 😉), there is not one “perfect” diet and there is no “perfect” training program!

That doesn’t stop us from trying or searching for something that is going to make us improve or learn.

In the world of social media and headline clickbait, there is a notion of a silver bullet that will fix all your health, motivation and fitness endeavours…

“If I just buy this supplement or do this 90-second workout then all my problems will disappear.”

It moves us away from actually “doing the work”…

Anyone that has achieved something significant will point you in the direction of what they did before….

We can learn from people more experienced than us and that have walked in the path before us.

They can point out mistakes, pitfalls and guide us safely from point A to point B.

This can save time and effort in the wrong directions.

But don’t confuse their guidance as a “shortcut” from doing the work!

No one wakes up at the top of a mountain or able to squat heavy a#@ weights! 😎

At the end of the day we all need to walk over those hot coals and lift some heavy weights 😉💪

As coaches, we are trying to lead you in the right direction, share insights and encourage you to take the first or next steps.

Embracing the struggle/work with enjoyment, knowing that the “resistance” is what is shaping your results and future.

Looking back over 2019, what are you proud of? What do you wish you did better?

No one is proud of how much junk food they ate or the lack of exercise they did…

Eating bad foods and laying around on the couch is an easy choice in the moment…

Making the hard choice in the moment of following through on your plan will make the rest of your life easy.

Join us in making a hard choice of maximising your 2020! Apply to be part of the next Challenge here.

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