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Too many options? How to pick the right one every time.

Too many options? How to pick the right one every time.

Gym or couch? Pilates or yoga? Salad or spaghetti? Snooze or wake up?

Everyday you’re presented with countless options and choices that require brain power and/or willpower.

Making the ‘healthy’ or ‘right’ choices are much easier in the early part of the day.

I don’t know many people who wake up with their head in the freezer and elbow deep in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!  

It’s always the late night Deliveroo decisions that we come to regret the next morning…

“I’m really glad I had that last glass of wine and ten spoonfuls of peanut butter right before bed last night”Said no-one, ever.

There is only a limited amount of willpower that we have each day to say no or to make a decision we won’t regret.

The trick is to take away those decisions or environments, before they have a chance to lure you in.

Developing routines and reducing the amount of decisions around your health and diet is the shortcut for success.

That peanut butter jar will start talking to you late at night if you know it’s in the cupboard. 

“Just one spoonful, come on you know you want me”

At Best Body Co. we have it all mapped out for you. What to do, when and how.

The hardest choice you have to make is when to start!

If you’re interested in joining on of our programs (online training options also), comment below or get in contact with us here.

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