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Are you a strong woman?

Are you a strong woman?

There has never been a better time for women to be alive. Awareness, empowerment and the sharing of knowledge and ideas has brought us together.

Stereotypes of women being meek, demure and that we should avoid things like weightsย for fear of becoming “masculine” ๐Ÿ™„ย is now a thing of the past!

Now we know for certain those statements are just limiting beliefs and ideas transposed on us by ill-informed people.

The internet and social media can be used for both good and bad. Often we see articles on how social media can affect you in a negative way e.g. increasing insecurities, objectifying women, promoting negative body image and constantly comparing yourself to the seemingly perfect life or Instagram feed of some famous โ€œinfluencerโ€ etc. ๐Ÿคฅ

BUT on the flip side there are women out there that have empowering and inspiring stories and information that can help us become stronger and a better version of ourselves.

If you look for problems or negative offensive behaviors online that upset youโ€ฆ. Then guess what… thatโ€™s what youโ€™re going to find!

Set your intentions to follow and be around women that make you feel betterโ€ฆ But not just the comfortable, feel good way, but women that inspire and push you out from your comfort zone, towards self-discovery and constant improvement.

There is a stronger and better version of yourself that is waiting!

The beauty of self-improvement and being a strong woman is that there are always ways to improve and get that little bit better. Itโ€™s not an end point, but a constant journey to being the strongest version of YOU

Here are 5 ways you know whether or not YOU ARE a strong woman:

  1. You look for solutions and not problems. If you are not feeling the best or you are unhappy with something in your life, then you ask questions and look for answers.
  2. Take time for deep breathing and feeling grateful. โ€œWhat you think about, you bring about.โ€ Deep breathing and a daily gratitude practice is like brushing your teeth daily. It keeps out the unwanted and leaves you feeling fresh.
  3. Reward and treating yourself with respect. You take the time to pamper yourself and do things that align with better health. Nourishing your body with fresh healthy food, exercising and sleep are great ways to show yourself respect and love. Donโ€™t exercise because you hate your body, exercise because you love it and care for it. Donโ€™t think of eating healthy food because you are โ€œdeprivingโ€ yourself of treats like chocolate or cake, but eat healthy food because you know how good you feel and look after making good food choices.
  4. Helping others. Small acts of kindness and teaching what you have learned makes yourself and others stronger.
  5. Being honest. Often weโ€™re taught to tell white lies to ourselves and others around us to make us or them feel better and to not hurt anyoneโ€™s feelings ๐Ÿคซย Telling lies disempowers and takes us away from the truth. Being honest with yourself about your health, habits and relationships takes courage. Having the strength to speak up and listen when it hurts, will show us what needs to be done.

… so are you a strong woman?ย Are there areas of your life that you can and most importantly, WANT, to improve?

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