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Don’t wait for motivation, it may never come

Don’t wait for motivation, it may never come

There is nothing more satisfying or exhilarating than coming out on the other side of hard work and adversity.

If everything is handed to us on a silver platter, then our satisfaction, desire and perception would be drastically different.

After 2 hours at an all-you-can-eat buffet, your desire to eat and the satisfaction of your 10th bowl of ice cream seems to fade…

The same equation exists when it comes to your health and fitness results.

Do something challenging and consistent over a long period of time, then your results and satisfaction will follow.

If it was easy, then everyone would do it… The truth is it’s hard to commit to a weight loss goal and stay on course.

The best part of our job at Best Body Co. is seeing clients like you going through the hard work and adversity to fit into your old clothes, feel more energetic, improve your body composition, overcome unhealthy habits and realise your full potential.

We have all the methods and principles that can take you from point A to point B… BUT we can’t do it for you without your commitment to push yourself through the discomfort.

At the end of the day, you have to walk through the doors and take action. It would be wrong of us to spoon-feed you and promise you results without highlighting that YOU are the one who needs to make the commitment to yourself.

Paying a trainer, dietitian or a gym doesn’t mean shit unless you’re prepared to do the WORK.

Don’t wait for motivation, it may never come. Create a plan of what you would like and why it’s important.

There won’t ever be a perfect time with birthdays, travel, work, social commitments, the list goes on. If you’re waiting for the perfect time to start, you’ll never move in the direction of your goals.

Start before you’re ready and surround yourself with people that will foster and encourage your goals.

One of the reasons why Olivia and I decided to join a leading CrossFit gym in Australia a few months ago was because we wanted to surround ourselves with people that were better than us, who we could learn from; surround ourselves with people that are fitter and stronger than us, who inspire us to want to push ourselves further and to become better athletes.

In just a few weeks we could already feel and see the difference in our bodies. This is what we want for you, too!

Sometimes to get results, you need to change the way you train. Change the way you eat. Mix things up. Shock your body. if you’ve been training the same way, with the same personal trainer, or at the same gym for a long time, maybe it’s time to try something else…

There will be hard days and easier days. Days when you feel like hitting the snooze button and spooning in the peanut butter. But if you develop simple and effective habits, then nothing will get in the way of your goals over the long haul.

So, what do you want?

Lose 6kg?

Have more energy?

Get a flat stomach?

Become healthier?

Draw a line in the sand and don’t let hard work get in the way of your dreams.

In 12 months time you won’t regret watching less Netflix and making a change for good.

Email us back, telling us what you would like to turn into a reality for 2022.

We’re here to help!

Coach Adam & Olivia

Motivation Motivation  Motivation 

P.s. if you’re interested in trying out CrossFit too, where in just a few short weeks you’ll be able to noticeably feel and see the difference in your body and your overall fitness level… we’re doing our first ever CrossFit 6in4 Challenge at MVMT CrossFit in Dubai Marina that starts in 5 days.

Want to join our next 6in4 Challenge starting 15th January? Comment below or send us a message.

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