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Putting a price on your health

Putting a price on your health

With the current economic climate and the global pandemic, people’s spending has been drastically cut.

Trying to stretch your dirham (or $$) that little bit further than before is something of a necessity for many people.

Applying for rent reductions, downgrading cars and cutting back on unnecessary spending is a probably a good idea right now…

Who knows what’s around the corner? Anyone giving predictions on what happens now and beyond COVID19 is only guessing… It could get better… or even worse!

When it comes to cutting corners or pinching your pennies… should this apply to your health?

Do we stop our gym memberships? Stop taking nutritional supplements? Give up on fresh food and opt for cheap fast foods?

Everyone is in a different financial position and everyone has different responsibilities.

So, giving hard and fast advice that EVERYONE MUST take XYZ supplements, eat fresh produce and train at their gym can be unreasonable advice.

You must walk your own path and find the best approach that will work for your situation.

However, making sure that your health is one of your top priorities and values is something we always recommend.

Cutting too many corners on your health will cost you… You might not pay now but you certainly will later!

Over the years, we have seen many clients or potential prospects be unwilling to spend money on better nutrition or fitness programs… however, we see them driving expensive European cars, clutching the latest designer handbags and heading out to overpriced boozy brunches and restaurants weekly…

For these people… we can’t change their priorities when it comes to their spending. It’s inevitably what we value in life which dictates our spending.

They wouldn’t get their Rolex or Porsche serviced in someone’s backyard business to save a few dollars… now would they?

But they’re happy to treat their body like an amusement park or an uninformed science experiment!

Material things are just things. Your body is YOU and will always be… It’s there at the beginning and it will be there at the end.

Don’t make the end sooner than it has to be!

Do what you can and make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

There is no price on your health.

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