Friends with benefits - Best Body Co - By Adam McCubbin

Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits

Almost everyone knows what they “should” be doing or what is going to be the best for them in the future.

Just knowing something is “right” doesn’t mean we will follow through.

Going to bed early in order to get up for the gym in the morning is often the thing we know is best….

Why do we stay up late watching Netflix and hit the snooze button until we finally decide that staying under the covers is the easier choice?

Taking the easy option might give you short term comfort, but it’s a trade off for a less favourable future.

“Discipline equals freedom.”

When most people wake up in the morning, the first thing they do when getting out of bed is go to the bathroom and brush their teeth. They don’t have to think about it, they “just do it” (thank you Nike).

An unconscious habit is the end goal when it comes to your health and fitness. Meaning that it is no longer a choice if you are eating healthy, nutritious foods and doing regular exercise.

How can we develop the discipline and habit to do the things that we need to?

Tell your friends, family and colleagues that you’re starting a new regime. Make it public knowledge. Share it on Instagram or Facebook. This creates a level of accountability and you’ll work harder so you don’t look stupid if you don’t follow through.

Having that external pressure is great for getting the ball rolling. Even better yet, find a friend or someone that you can start your health journey!

Nothing like true friendship when you’re supporting each other’s goals, or the reverse psychology, if you don’t show up at the gym class that you signed up to do with your friend, you’ll feel massively guilty.

Commit to your friend that you’ll meet them in the gym in the morning (or evening!) and maybe even make an agreement that if one of you misses a planned gym date, then the other person has to contribute 100 dhs for each session missed.

… So you’ll either end up super fit, strong and lean OR you’ll end up with some nice extra cash to spend on dinner or a new gym outfit 😉 depending on what kind of friends you have.

This is half the reason why personal trainers exist. It’s a paid appointment that makes people follow through because it’s a complete waste of money if you pay for something and don’t make use of it.

Paying for a coach or to sign up for a challenge is one thing, but results won’t magically happen if you don’t actually SHOW UP and do the work. The responsibility and onus is on YOU.

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