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Why “hope” for fitness and health isn’t a good strategy

Why “hope” for fitness and health isn’t a good strategy

In the new age world, we’re all encouraged to think positively and focus on the outcome that we want. There is actual science and studies to back-up performance outcomes in sports with mental visualization and relaxation techniques.

Like the true science nerds that we are, we’re all-in on improvement and anything that shows significant results! (Results are what we specialise in 😉)

However, we’re very sceptical of people pinning their results to just “thinking positively” and waiting for the “universe” to sort their issues out 🙄😒

Hoping that the “universe” 🔮 will give you sign or a result is an EXCUSE to do nothing and procrastinate. Hope without action is useless!hope Olivia

“Hope” in this scenario is like a poison! Sitting and “thinking positive” over weeks, months, years and decades can leave people paralyzed to getting off their backside and making things happen!

Faith, hope and aspirations MUST be congruent with your ACTIONS! Otherwise you’re not being authentic to yourself and will be waiting for something that isn’t coming… ever!

No one wakes up at the top of a mountain!

If you want a change in your health and fitness, you’re going to need to walk through the doors and take action in the direction of your goals! 

Our next challenge is starting in less than two weeks time! If you have been sitting on the fence or waiting for the perfect month to start, don’t wait any longer… the kids are back to school, Summer holidays are over… it’s time to get back into routine OR start your healthy habits and start living your best, healthiest and most vibrant life, TODAY!hope

There will never be a perfect time to start! Change is always met with resistance and you won’t have to look far for reasons to delay. “I’m traveling and won’t get a clean run at it” or “it’s too busy with the kids just starting back to school” are all excuses we often hear… YOU have to want to do it, YOU are the only one who can make it happy… we’re here to support you and help you along the way!

Have a growth mindset, do what you can and get the momentum going in the right direction with ACTION! 

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