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Gyms reopening… What does this mean for your health?

Gyms reopening… What does this mean for your health?

As things are starting to open up across Dubai and the rest of the world, there have been some massive changes.

Changes to regulations, social distancing, cleaning procedures and what we perceive to be right or wrong moving forward.

In general, we like to have certainty and routine in our lives.

Knowing what to do and what needs to be done each day is comforting. It enables us to plan for the future and move in our desired direction in life.

With the current uncertainty and so many changes to just simple daily tasks (like wearing masks and gloves), we have all been taken out of what our regular routines and habits might have looked like before.

When it comes to your health and fitness, your daily habits and routine are the biggest predictors of success.

Those that can be agile and adaptable with their routines are the ones that we must emulate for better health!

Having a fixed mindset of “I’ll return to the gym when it’s safe” or “I’ll start to eat more healthily when things get back to normal” is a debilitating way to live.

Things might not get back to “normal”! There might be a new normal of uncertainty and constant change in the world we now live in.

We’re certainly not advocating that everyone “must” go to the gym or “needs” to get back to training at the gym ASAP… We don’t want people to force themselves to do things where they don’t feel safe or comfortable.

But we’re strong advocates that you should “play the cards you have been dealt, rather than procrastinate.”

Procrastination is the mother of all excuses.

Sitting still when it comes to your health doesn’t leave you where you currently are… It actually takes you backwards…

Doing nothing becomes a habit and a source of certainty in your life.

Our advice is do what you feel is safe, make choices in the direction of health and make your habits adaptable.

Make the choices today that your future self will thank you for!

Remember, we’re here to help you find routine and certainty when it comes to your health and fitness!

So… perhaps you’re not yet 100% comfortable to go back to face-to-face training at the gym ?

That’s why we decided to launch our virtual #6in4Challenge – Check it out here 

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