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How to avoid gaining weight during the festive season

How to avoid gaining weight during the festive season

As we start to approach the end of the year and the festive season is almost upon us, things can often slow down on the health and fitness front…

Work deadlines, social events and all-round exhaustion from a busy year can derail the best of intentions!

If there was ever a time when people delay or put off what they need to do, it’s this time of the year. Trust us, we have heard it all!

“I’ll get back to it in the new year.”

“I’m just really busy and going to travel for a few days, so I’m better off starting when I can commit fully.”

We’ll let you in on a little secret when it comes to achieving your goals or getting meaningful results in the health and fitness space…

There is no “perfect” time to start! There will always be something that gets in the way of a perfectly clear schedule. It’s called life!Best Body Co festive

Being passive with your approach and delaying the start date to the 1st of January, is a rookie mistake!

The best time to start was yesterday! And if you didn’t do it yesterday, then today is the next best option. When it comes to health… there are no days off!

There are only 55 days till the end of 2019!! If you were thinking of mailing it in and taking it easy only to start your health journey next year, then you’re setting yourself up for a bigger battle and a lower chance of success…

Taking the rest of the year off can do a lot of damage to your health, pushing yourself further behind the eight ball and reinforcing negative behaviour patterns that will be harder to break! Plus, we all know that the festive season is a time filled with lots of social occasions, spending time with loved ones and enjoying a few extra indulgences because, you know… it’s holiday season! 😉

So you can’t out-train a bad diet but at least staying active and being more mindful with your food and drink consumption is a good way to get ahead for the new year!

Here are 5 tips to keep off the weight this holiday season. 

  1. Don’t wait till your horoscope for the universe gives you a sign. THIS IS YOUR SIGN!!
  2. Make time to commit. Look for excuses and you’ll find them or look for solutions or opportunities and they will be there too!
  3. Learn how to say no.
  4. Have a plan. Without a plan or a structure it’s easy to be elbow-deep in the bag of potato chips without much thought.
  5. Find a form or exercise and healthy habits (and foods) that you enjoy. Trust us, if you look hard enough you’ll find it!

Stay Strong,

Coach Adam

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