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Knowing yourself for better health

Knowing yourself for better health

Knowing yourself,  learning and listening from others that have the results you want is the quickest way to fast track your results!

Those that have achieved what you’re after can have real insights, tips, and tricks that can or could help you!

Rather than making all the mistakes they have made along their journey, they can provide a helpful road map that misses those pot holes so your journey is smoother sailing! 😉⛴

Seeking people and services that have lived and embodied the lifestyle and principles they teach is a MUST!

A good coach, teacher, parent or any leader must embody their teachings. Leading by example conveys authenticity and creates better compliance!results

Kids will unconsciously imitate and emulate their parents. They won’t do what you say… rather they will copy what you do!

At Best Body Co. we practice what we preach and there is no workout or nutritional approach we haven’t tested on ourselves! We have walked in the same shoes and intuitively learned from our own experiences to make sure we can teach and run a successful program like our famous 6in4 Challenge.

Often the missing piece for many people isn’t the “learning and doing” for health and fitness, but the intuition and feeling of what works for them individually.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for health or fitness! If a coach or a so-called expert tells you that their way is the only way… then RUN AWAY as fast and as far as possible!

“What is one man’s medicine is another man’s poison.??? 

The highest form of health comes from self-awareness. Doing something or eating something and being able to decipher whether it’s working or not.

You can see the worlds best trainer or doctor, but they don’t know what it’s like to wake up every day as YOU!

Self-awareness doesn’t happen overnight… it takes days, months, years and decades. So, don’t just blindly apply what some “Guru??? says without intuitively listening to yourself on a mental and physical level.results

That is why we teach and encourage learning of overall principles rather than just methods so that YOU can apply this to your lifestyle, taste and preferences. We don’t vilify meat eaters nor plant eaters! 🥩🌱

Whatever works for you and can give you the best results that aligns with your values, lifestyle and who you are as a person is key!

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