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What’s the plan after the diet is over?

What’s the plan after the diet is over?

Do you have a longer term plan or sustainable health and fitness practice?

Whether you like it or not, the fitness and health you have today is a reflection of your past (good or bad).

You are the sum of your past experiences, stresses, activities, environment and nutrients (or lack thereof…)

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… Don’t think that once you hit that magic number on the scale or body fat % that your work is done.

“I’ll be happy when I get (insert ideal body weight or fitness goal here).”

If you’re planning to take your foot off the gas and resume the lifestyle you had before the #6in4Challenge (or any other gym membership, fitness program or diet you’ve tried before) then think again!

You’ll be back at square one quicker then you can blink! 😳

It doesn’t have to be all super strict 24/7 but having a plan and a set of non-negotiable habits will keep your results and health in the long run.

Keep the following in perspective when you’re thinking of taking a prolonged absence from training or good nutrition.

If you’re happy with where you’re at right now, then of course you can scale back your training and be more relaxed with your diet.

If you still want to PROGRESS, to either keep losing weight, to build more muscle, or to get stronger, then you’ll have to keep going.

It’s hard to get there, easy to maintain and even easier to go backwards when you take a break.

Make the hard choices today for an easier life tomorrow.

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