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Fat loss happens on the weekends

Fat loss happens on the weekends

At the start of the week, gyms are at their busiest and everyone is locked in and ready for an ambitious week.

To do lists are written, healthy food plans are implemented and alarm clocks are set early for productive days ahead.

Being well-rested on the weekend does wonders for your mental health and mindset. Feeling energetic and positive can create momentum for the week in the right direction.

When it comes to fat loss or weight loss, there comes a point where doing 80% or 90% of your plan will not produce results anymore…

At the start of your journey, everything seemed to work in a favorable direction.

You were able to get stronger, lose weight and feel energetic all the time even if you had a few slip ups throughout the week or month.

When life gets a little bit more stressful and you aren’t able to get the sleep you require, that’s when temptation happens and everything you know you shouldn’t have or shouldn’t do, becomes more enticing…

It’s more common to slip-up on your diet late in the afternoon or late in the evening… And even more so on weekends.

Typically a few hours after lunch or dinner, depending on the composition of your meal, is when your blood sugars take a dip (this dip is intensified when you don’t get enough sleep or rest). That’s when you start craving something sweet or fatty – think chocolate or crisps!

“I just need some cookies or cake to get me through the day to give me that extra bit of energy or to help me unwind, relax and de-stress…”

This attitude or approach, where you give in “just a little” to get you through the day, can be similar to the attitude you have on weekends – you feel you’ve been really “good” during the work week, but then on the weekends your plan to indulge “just a little” ends up being quite a lot… sound familiar?

When you let it slip that little bit too much, this is what can make all the difference between a successful vs. unsuccessful week or month of progress!

Small things add up to big things over time.

Those little gaps or slip-ups could be where your results are hiding.

You can have your cake and eat it too, as long as you understand and account for those weekends and late-night treats.

Selective amnesia and lack of accountability could be your missing piece of the puzzle.

With our programs, we can teach you the importance of accountability and how to sustainably reach your goals (fat loss or otherwise) and develop strategies for success to plan ahead for those difficult, tempting times… like on the weekend!

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