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The journey of a BBCO client

The journey of a BBCO client

To give you a better understanding of what it’s like to be a part of our community here at BBCO, we wanted to share with you a REAL client’s journey.

We can list the features and intricacies of what we do but it doesn’t give it much colour or meaning.

At the end of the day most “good’ coaches or trainers can give you the right advice and framework but can they get you to follow through?

Will they keep you accountable, engaged and on track?

Standing next to you on a squat rack and telling you to eat “X” number of calories isn’t enough for a real lifestyle change.

It MUST start between the ears with mental and emotional “buy-in” to the program and a level of enjoyment.

No matter how good your results are, if you don’t enjoy the process it will never stick in the long run.

Ten months ago BBCO member Sally (name change for obvious reasons)joined our Online 4-week program for the very first time.

Sally had previously worked with several personal trainers and attended numerous group exercise classes in Dubai over the past 5 years with some good results (and some not so good)…

Then in 2020, gyms shut down due to COVID-19, which meant working-from-home was the norm and suddenly she had put on a significant amount of weight.

Feeling frustrated and lost with workout options, one of Sally’s friends had previously taken part in our Original 6in4 Challenge program and saw one of our emails (similar to this one) promoting our Online Program.

Both Sally and her friend joined the program without many expectations, as they had both tried free online body weight training programs before, where they seemingly lost interest after a few weeks of monotonous, boring, basic workouts.

Sally later revealed to us the reason why she stuck with OUR Online Program, was the fact that she now belonged to a “group” of people on the same journey.

“At the end of each workout we took a shared screen selfie and then proceeded to recount how hard the session was on the group chat with all the other members. Often we’d make fun of the coaches’ catch phrases or share our healthy cooking photos. It was so nice to have that sense of community whilst being isolated at home.

From that point on I was addicted. I think I’ve joined all the programs since then. Fitness retreat staycations, fasting challenges, weekend bootcamps and since the gyms have opened up, I’m happy to be part of the face-to face programs too.

Back in lockdown, I didn’t sign up to lose weight, even though I probably needed to. I joined to keep active from home. Now after close to a year with Adam & Olivia I have not only lost 8kg, but I’m truly in a happy place with my health and fitness routine.

So, not all was lost with COVID and 2020!” 

If you want to be part of our community, now is the time to join. YOU could be our next Sally!

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